Packing List Suggestions for Vashon Island

Here is a suggested packing list and printable check list for packing for a long weekend on Vashon Island in the Spring or Fall.


Being on Vashon in the summer months will be similar to being in many places in the US, except that the evenings may be a bit cooler. Spring and Fall will be significantly cooler than warmer areas in the south and other areas on the west coast, but not as cold as the east coast and Midwest. Since this might surprise some travelers, I thought a packing list might be helpful.

The weather will typically be 50 to 60F during the day and in the 40s at night depending on how late in the season it is. It can get quite rainy and windy on the island, also.

For more information on the island and the Blue Sky Farm vacation rental shown above, see the Full Itinerary blog on Vashon Island.

Long Weekend, Cool Visit to Vashon

(60s F Daytime and 40s F at night)

Clothing – Women

___Capris or Skirt – 1

___Leggings or Sweats  – 2

___TShirts – 2 – One Short; One Long

___Bathing Suits – One Piece – 1

___Nicer Shirt for Dinner – 1-2

___Sandals or Slippers for inside – 1

___Rain Jacket/Windbreaker  – 1

___Fleece/Sweatshirt – 1

___PJ/Sleeper – One Warm Pair

___Sport/Bras for hiking/activities – 1

___ Underwear -5

___Sox – 2 – 4

___Sport Shoes or Boots


Clothing – Men

___Jeans  or Slacks – 1

___ Sweats  – 1

___TShirts – 2 – One Short; One Long

___Bathing Suits – 1

___Nicer Shirt for Dinner – 1-2

___Sandals or Slippers for inside – 1

___Fleece/Sweater/Sweatshirt – 1

___Rain Jacket/Windbreaker  – 1

___PJ/Sleeper – One Warm

___ Underwear -5

___Sox – 2 – 4

___Sport Shoes or Boots


___Nail clips

___Contact Lens Extra, Case and Solution/Glasses

___Moisturizer – Face and Body


___Toothbrushes and paste

___Band-aids/Special Cream

___Anti-Itch Cream

___Bug Spray (Summer)

___Rx: _________________________




___Boots/Sport Shoes

___Sun Hat


Additional Items…





___Contact Lens Case and Solution/Glasses



___Pad Paper and Pens

___Addresses for Postcards



___Chargers/Cell Phone

___Vashon Folder with Travel Info


___Book or Magazines to Read

___CDs for Rental Car

___Waterbottle/Travel Mug


___Ear plugs/Head phones

Vashon Details



___Ferry Pass

___Coffee/Teas, Supplies, or Special Foods



I welcome your feedback and input on what was helpful or what you would or did use.

Safe and happy travels.